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Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is a unique, intimate learning environment where students are given the tools to embrace their full potential and pursue their aspirations through a hands-on education. Our home is in Tifton, a thriving rural community in the heart of South Georgia.

With our additional instruction site location in Bainbridgestudents have a range of options when building their educational path. ABAC felt like home from the moment I enrolled. I love the community atmosphere it has. The teachers here are the best and always willing to help in any way they can.

I have made great memories and met some amazing people during my time here. I love ABAC! I am so thankful for the resources that ABAC offers me. I know that when needed, I can always receive free tutoring, counseling, or advising. ABAC has felt like home since the first day I stepped onto campus. I fell in love with the campus and how the faculty and staff want to see me succeed in my education.

As a nursing student, the faculty gives so many opportunities for us to have hands-on experience which will help me in my future career. I love the connections that I have with my professors and classmates. I transferred into ABAC from two different universities and I never had experienced that type of connection before.

Beautiful looking sex Tifton

I love ABAC because it is more than a school. My time at ABAC has taught me so much about myself and it has prepared me for my future in the Horticulture industry. I will always be thankful for every professor, staff member, and peer that has helped me get to where I am today. ABAC feels like a second home to me. The students, professors, and faculty are all super nice and encouraging. ABAC will become your home away from home, too. Even though ABAC is an Ag-based school, it has introduced me to a variety of the programs it has to offer. ABAC has guided and pushed me to become the best student I can be.

Here at ABAC, you are truly a name, not just a and the professors strive to know you on a personal level. ABAC has all the best features you are looking for in a college. I have gone to conferences and been a part of many different organizations that have shaped my life forever.

That continues to teach me about personal growth and really motivates me to become a better version of myself. ABAC has provided me with so many opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

Beautiful looking sex Tifton

As soon as I came over the railroad tracks, I knew ABAC was going to be the place for me; by the time I finished my campus tour, I had made my decision. ABAC provides many opportunities for students to grow and learn. The close connection with professors gives students the opportunity to network among associates who provide resources to benefit their future careers. The education ABAC is giving me has provided me with qualifications and hands-on work experience within my career.

ABAC is a college of opportunities for all students. It is the best place to study that I could have asked for because students and professors are always ready to help inside and outside of class. ABAC even offers access to an onsite farm, where we can learn and do more hands-on learning. Also, I do not know of many colleges that have cattle right outside the dorms!

I immediately felt at home. This is why I love it here. ABAC has given me the second chance I needed to do life right. I am a single mom that works full time. ABAC has already taught me so much, not just in my field of study, but also about who I am. I will always recommend it as the best around. What makes ABAC great is the people in it. Within a few weeks, I found myself walking through campus being greeted by name from staff and students alike. Within a few weeks, ABAC had become home. I love the beautiful and welcoming environment of ABAC, along with the support provided concerning my academic career.

I am continuously learning new things. The education that I have received has provided me with the essential concepts that are important in the workplace. Along with the core curriculum, ABAC goes above and beyond to develop well-rounded individuals.

Is it the right size? Is it in my budget? Will I feel like I belong there? When it comes to ABAC, we say yes, yes, and yes. Classes open August 12, If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ! We will happily answer your inquiries, via phone or. Covid Information and Updates. An Excellent Education Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College is a unique, intimate learning environment where students are given the tools to embrace their full potential and pursue their aspirations through a hands-on education.

Beautiful looking sex Tifton

Discover Our Schools. Explore our schools and learn what makes an ABAC education excellent. Stafford School of Business. School of Agriculture and Natural Resources. School of Agriculture and Natural Resources The School of Agriculture and Natural Resources le the South in advancing the agriculture field through hands-on experience and rigorous academic preparation. We offer six baccalaureate School of Arts and Sciences. School of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Beautiful looking sex Tifton

School of Nursing and Health Sciences The School of Nursing and Health Sciences offers two widely sought-after degrees in healthcare for both beginning undergraduate students and current healthcare professionals. We are proud See all schools. Bainbridge Site. Explore Bainbridge Campus map. Featured Stories. Wonderful and interesting stories featuring our college and our people.

September 14, David Bridges announced today that he plans to retire from his position as president of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College. September 13, August 25, See what our students and alumni have to say about our college. Apply today.

Beautiful looking sex Tifton

Campus News. Read the latest news featuring our college and our people. September 10, September 6, September 2, View all news. Back to Top.

Beautiful looking sex Tifton

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