Free thumbnail galleries.

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Make gallery management in WordPress great again! With FooGallery you can easily add a stunning photo gallery to your website in minutes. FooGallery is an easy-to-use image gallery plugin, with stunning gallery layouts and a focus on speed. It is also responsive, retina-ready and supports lazy loading for lightning fast photo galleries. Live previews are available while creating an image gallery, and also within the Gutenberg block editor with our FooGallery Block. That is why we think FooGallery is the best gallery plugin.

After using it, we hope you will agree. A faster gallery now means a more favourable ranking in Google! This has led to dramatically better scores for the 3 key factors including:. The following free features make FooGallery the best gallery plugin on the market! Take FooGallery for a test drive! Spin up your very own WP instance with FooGallery pre-installed:. Start FooGallery Test Drive! FooGallery includes a really simple-to-use Gutenberg block to add your existing FooGallery image galleries in seconds. And it includes live previews of the image gallery too!

When you install FooGallery for the first time, the plugin asks you the website admin to opt-in so that we can track your usage of the plugin and provide a better service send you update s for new version releases and security updates etc. This is optional and not required in order to use the plugin. From your website point of view, FooGallery never collects or stores any visitor information at all, when someone visits your website.

FooGallery is a responsive gallery with built-in support for higher quality thumbnails on retina-enabled displays. No more blurry thumbnails, just crisp thumbnails so that your image galleries look amazing on all devices.

Free thumbnail galleries.

FooGallery PRO allows you to create a video gallery in seconds! S3 bucket. You can also easily create mixed galleries with both images and videos! Albums are built in as an extension. Simply head over to the extensions and activate the albums extension. A new menu item will appear that allows you to add albums just as easily as galleries.

FooGallery was deed to be the most developer-friendly image gallery plugin available for WordPress. It was also built on top of a solid extension framework, which means different functionality is separated out into different areas in the codebase. It also means the core plugin is lightweight, but still allowing for the most flexibility. Thanks to Fortinet FortiGuard Labs for the security testing conducted on the plugin. FooGallery is a safer plugin thanks to them. We did the research. FooGallery has the best performance and has the most features out of any free WordPress gallery plugin.

Read our blog post about it:. Lazy loading is not working on your gallery. This could be due to a conflict between our plugin and your theme.

Free thumbnail galleries.

You can test this theory by testing a different theme if possible. We can help you get it working, by contacting our support. Sometimes, there are issues when the theme does not follow WordPress best practices. One way to check if the theme is the problem, is by switching to one of the built-in WordPress themes, and then see if the gallery lo.

Do you have any WordPress caching or optimization plugins? Do you have any caching setup at your website host? Rename the foogallery folder to foogallery1 in order to deactivate the plugin. At this point, your site should be working again. Make sure you are running the PRO version. If it still does not work, then please contact our support to help further. Have you enabled retina support for your galleries? To enable retina support, edit the gallery and locate the Retina Support metabox. Simply go to the FooGallery extensions and activate the Albums extension.

If you do not see a button to activate the albums extension, reload the extensions list by clicking the reload button. We did the research and comparison. The following people have contributed to this plugin. Thank you to the translators for their contributions. New : Lazy load gallery images when editing a gallery improved performance for large galleries in the admin. New : Elementor compatibility — gallery previews in Elementor editor work, and added a FooGallery widget to the Elementor editor.

Translate into your language. View support forum. Donate to this plugin. FooGallery was built to be highly configurable and extendable for developers or freelancers. This has led to dramatically better scores for the 3 key factors including: Largest Contentful Paint — galleries load and appear quicker for your visitors First Input Delay — you can interact with the gallery sooner Cumulative Layout Shift — gallery images shift around a lot less than before!

Lazy loading Simple dots pagination demo Live previews in admin Retina thumbnail support Gallery Widget Use built-in media library to manage images Drag n Drop reordering of images and galleries Custom CSS for both galleries and albums Copy to clipboard shortcodes Visual shortcodes in rich text editor Gallery picker to insert shortcodes usage metabox with one-click gallery creation NextGen importer tool albums and galleries and shortcodes Multisite Support PRO Gallery Features 3 more beautiful PRO responsive gallery templates: Polaroid gallery template — demo Grid gallery template — demo Slider gallery template — demo Video Support — demo Import video from Youtube, Vimeo and others Self-hosted videos Filtered image gallery using Media Tags or — demo Multi-level filtering for galleries Media tags and media category management for attachments PRO image and media lightbox built in!

GDPR When you install FooGallery for the first time, the plugin asks you the website admin to opt-in so that we can track your usage of the plugin and provide a better service send you update s for new version releases and security updates etc.

Free thumbnail galleries.

Albums Built In Albums are built in as an extension. Built For Developers FooGallery was deed to be the most developer-friendly image gallery plugin available for WordPress.

Free thumbnail galleries.

Blocks This plugin provides 1 block. FAQ My galleries are not working. Thumbnails are greyed out and not loading when I scroll down the. I have created a gallery in the backend, but when I look at it on the frontend, it does not show correctly. After updating, my galleries no longer work!

What should I do? After installing the plugin, my site is broken! I purchased a PRObut the Free version is still running. Why are my thumbnails so blurry? Can I add videos to my galleries? Do I need to install a separate plugin to show a lightbox? How do I get albums working? How can you claim that FooGallery is the best WordPress gallery plugin?

Easy to use! Fabulous Galleries! So Cool! So Hot! The support team was super responsive and kindly helped me find a solution! The FooGallery plugin works as intended as well. I've been using Foo Galleries for a while now. I'm still a newbie and not very technical but I love Foo Galleries for its simplicity and beautiful galleries. When I need help with something the Foo Guys respond really quickly and are always a massive help. Highly recommend! Contributors bradvin steveush fooplugins.

Interested in development? Changelog 2. Update : FooGallery client side 2. New : Overhauled Help when plugin is activated, including the ability create demo gallery content and view inline demos New : Added ability to override captions for FooBox Update : FooGallery client side 2. Update : Updated the Thumbnail gallery template. Fix : Updated styling for FooGallery Block to look correct in latest version of Gutenberg Fix : JSON objects get built using all attributes needed Fix : Could not add images to the gallery for some installs, due to no thumbnail sizes being returned.

Made the logic more resilient. Also improves Polylang compatibility.

Free thumbnail galleries.

Update : FooGallery client side 1. Invert the caption icon colors from dark to light. New : All hover and loading icons converted to SVG format. Fix : Previews not updating in some cases. Fix : foogallery shortcode not rendering in certain cases Fix : disabling lazy loading via settings was being ignored Update : Freemius SDK 2.

New : Default crop position setting for attachments New : Speed up gallery previews in wp-admin New : Caption support for Responsive Lightbox by dFactory Fix : Extension loading issues on certain installs Fix : Shortcode copy-to-clipboard metabox works again Fix : Bugs fixes for paging, filtering, FooBox and more Fix : Ensure jquery-ui-sortable is loaded on edit for some installs Fix : All-In-One Stack Album layout bugs Fix : Reworked extensions listing logic Update : FooGallery client side 1. New : Admin notice for Autoptomize users to delete cache on updates Update to latest client side JS 1.

Saves database requests improving load time New : Gallery usage column in admin gallery listing New : Better support for animated gifs New : Hover icons retina support New : Uninstall button on settings New : Save thumb dimensions per attachment. This will allow for new external sources in the future New : Caption color settings in Simple portfolio gallery template New : Updated to latest Justified Gallery Fix : Better wpthumb compatibility 1.

Meta Version: 2. Ratings See all. Log in to submit a review. Support Issues resolved in last two months: 33 out of 33 View support forum. Donate Would you like to support the advancement of this plugin?

Free thumbnail galleries.

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