Hey girls i could use some help

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By Lee Mannion. Period poverty social enterprise Hey Girls is just two years old but has appeared across multiple media channels and is a recognised brand. We asked them how they did it. A new sanitary product hit the market this month. Launched at two Asda stores in London and Bristol, shoppers were asked what they thought of the new brand UNsanitary. Opening the boxes, they found socks, newspaper or toilet roll. The UNsanitary campaign is on billboards and has been picked up by many radio stations and consumer press titles.

Hey Girls is an SME like many other social enterprises — they have 11 staff.

Hey girls i could use some help

So how can they afford this kind of massive media push across so many channels? Word spread, Celia got in touch and the rest is history. So short of jumping on an opportunity like that, how can social enterprises get some help with their own communications?

Media Trust encourages people working in the creative and media industries to volunteer their time to help charities and social enterprises. Media Trust occasionally get approaches from corporate partners who want the opportunity to work on a challenge for a charity or social enterprise — which is how Celia ended up working with the comms giant.

Hey girls i could use some help

The collaboration with Edelman resulted in another campaign encouraging fathers to speak to their daughters about menstruation — PForD — that featured Hollywood actor and social enterprise advocate Michael Sheen. So how can social enterprises appeal to established communications companies?

Everyone at adamandeve totally got what we were trying to do. For social entrepreneurs, committing to working on big campaigns like this will involve sacrifice. The good news is that the effort can really increase your social impact. Hey Girls first collaboration with adamandeveDDB was in Augustwhere they got widespread attention because of a full newspaper ad in the national free paper Metro. The increase on our sales was phenomenal, social media and enquiries were amazing, and people still refer to the advert now. A week after the Metro advertisement, the Scottish government pledged to provide free sanitary products in all schools, colleges and universities in a bid to help end period poverty; in October Hey Girls were included on a list of preferred suppliers circulated to Scottish councils.

Hey girls i could use some help

And UNsanitary has also provided a bump to the business this year. Since launching in Hey Girls have donated over seven million products to partners nationally, including schools, colleges and universities, food banks, community centres and aid organisations.

To find out more about Media Trust. How you set up your social enterprise might affect your funding opportunities and if you're not financially literate, better find someone who is This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Back to Articles. By Lee Mannion Thursday 5th March Similar Articles. . How to grow your charity or social enterprise After eight years growing The Girls Network, CEO and co-founder Charly Young offers tips for scaling and creating more positive social impact. How to fund your social enterprise … or not How you set up your social enterprise might affect your funding opportunities and if you're not financially literate, better find someone who is Back to articles.

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Hey girls i could use some help

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