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As a young girl, Tina Nova woke up at 5 a. She played a key role in developing the prostate specific antigen test, credited by some for helping slash prostate cancer death rates by 30 percent during the s. That track record has earned her widespread respect. Inshe was tapped to serve as the first female chair of Biocom, a California life science trade group that now represents 1, companies. And every now and then, former California Gov. Nova, now 68, lives with her husband near Del Mar, but her journey began in Delano, a small town about a half-hour from Bakersfield, where she was born the oldest of four children in a tight-knit Greek family.

All summer and every Saturday, she and her sister rose at the crack of dawn, hopped on a pair of tractors and raked cut alfalfa into neat rows, leaving it to dry into hay. But she had other plans. So instead, she hopped in her yellow Camaro and drove to UC Irvine, becoming the first person in her family to attend college. While in school, she washed dishes in a lab to make a little extra cash. One day, she noticed one of the researchers pipetting small amounts of liquid from one plastic tube to another.

When she told him that what he was doing looked cool, he decided to test her pipetting skills. She went from washing dishes to eventually running experiments. The right mentor changed all that. The seventh installment of this series pays tribute to women in the business world — from CEOs and directors to entrepreneurs and visionaries. While there, she ed a team of scientists working on a blood test that would measure levels of prostate specific antigen, or PSA, a protein made by healthy prostate cells but churned out in higher amounts by cancerous cells. There was just one problem: The molecule kept breaking apart when researchers tried measuring it.

It worked. Some of her next career moves proved to be far more lucrative. And after leading roles at Illumina and Molecular Stethoscope, she served as CEO of Decipher Biosciences, which develops genetic tests for prostate and bladder cancers. Instead, Nova relishes the challenge of building and sometimes reviving companies and convincing scientists, board members and investors to buy into a common vision and turn it into a reality.

Oh, this is going to be tough? Some of the hurdles went well beyond the usual challenges of biotech. Or when she was asked whether she planned to return to work after having she did. Each time, she responded in her usual way — outworking and outperforming those around her. Her message? Real Estate News. Hot Property.

Hot Delano women

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Hot Delano women

Privacy and Terms. Phenomenal women Almanac Festival of books Latino life. Phenomenal women series. San Diego biotech entrepreneur Tina Nova played a key role in developing the prostate specific antigen test, credited by some for helping slash prostate cancer death rates by 30 percent.

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Hot Delano women

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Hot Delano women

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