I looking for a true friend

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It is correct that true love is found in a soulmate. But, it is not necessary for soulmates to be lovers or partners. Finding a soulmate might be easier than you think. True friends are also said to be soulmates — one soul in two or more bodies.

Remember the saying — what you do to others, others do to you? It holds true in most cases. The qualities of a friend mentioned there is what really defines a true friend. You may be attracted to and become best friends with some who are rich, famous, and beautiful because you like their company. They may not be your true friends but just a bit more than acquaintances.

We tend to call any acquaintance as a friend. It is essential to know and understand who friends are. However, even those people who are not always in your company can be your true friends. They are always true, pure, honest, unselfish, giving, helping, and loving at heart. Your true friend might not be like you, nor have your interests, or even your mindset. Yet he or she will truly care for you and will do anything to help out. A true friend will love you unconditionally. But he or she is your loving friend in a platonic relationship that is free from physical attractions, lust, or sexual desires.

I looking for a true friend

True friends are not lovers in a physical relationship, but true lovers in a physical relationship should be true friends. At times you may only want to remain as true friends. But you misunderstand or misjudge your relationship as that of soulmate lovers because of similarities between each other.

Though some people succeed as lovers after being true friends, not everyone is successful in this transformation of relationship. So you need to clearly understand the feelings, s, and als that help you differentiate between a true lover and a true friend. You should know what you are looking for in the person to make you spend the life with, and to surrender your entire being — mind, body, heart, and soul. True friendship is a sacred relationship that involves true and ideal love. Such friends are rare and precious.

I looking for a true friend

To not lose them, you need to know the limits that you should not cross being true friends. If you ask how you can have such a loving and true friend in life? Here are some ways to have loving friends who remain true and dear to you all the time. They will remain your friends, despite the distance.

Nothing comes easy, so to get friends like diamonds you need to have a heart of gold. You need to make lots of efforts to follow these simple guidelines. You should be at peace with who and how you are, and feel good about yourself. You should know and understand yourself. If you like yourself and are comfortable being your own friend, others would like your confidence and want to be your friend. An old saying goes that you should even love your enemies. However, if not your enemies, at least you can help the ones you know or have a chance to meet.

The trust your friends develop in you will take your relationship to the next level. Sincerely care for your friend. The love you share will make your friend care for you always. The caring and sharing will make your love unconditional and special.

I looking for a true friend

Such a bond will make you miss the company of your friend when away. Think and do things that help your friend progress and be successful in life.

I looking for a true friend

Be concerned about your friend, wherever you are. A true friend never dumps or leaves the other when in any problem or adversity. As a true friend, always stand by and beside, and even fight with or for your friend. In true friendship, people know they can count on each other and be committed. The arguments, disagreements, or fights have no impact on the nature, purity, and strength of their relationship. Your love develops into dedication, understanding reinforces into a strong bond, and trust converts into faith.

You feel almost like a family. As your family is important to you, so is your true friend. You can read my earlier post on developing trust in friendship to know how trust develops in friendship. You can still express your love on phone, through s, in chats, and sending messages on the social networking sites.

Just be yourself. Be kind, always lend an ear to listen to your friend, and cheer up when he or she is down. Share their sorrows and celebrate their joys. Remain truthful, be forgiving, and always stay honest and loyal. You also need to do the same. Not to mention that February is also a friendship month, so I had to come up with this post, especially for my dear and loving friends. Do you have true friends in your life? How do you define true friends and lovers, and draw a line to avoid falling in love with them?

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When a bear chase them, a friend jumped to a tree but other friend has no option. So he just fell down like a dead person. Th bear came near to him then left. After sometime, the other friend asked him what did the bear say? The friend proves his character when other friend is in danger. Thats the real character of a friendship.

I looking for a true friend

Friends r like mornings, u may share with them only a few hours of d day. But u know that they will always b there tomorrow, the next day and the day after. Thanks for stopping by and sharing this wonderful story and poem with us. I am slowly developing true friends in my life as I become more okay with myself. I love my friends who are close to me and who care about me. I frequently tell them I love them. It is nice to know.

Those friendships also have kept me alive when I have had my bouts of very deep depressions. This was a beautiful post. Thank you for it. I agree with you there — just knowing your friends love you and are there for you makes a huge difference. They are another reason we feel inspired and motivated to carry on in our lives. True friends and true love are really confusing.

I looking for a true friend

I really gotta fix this up properly now. Good tips but all these depends on nature and it always differ from person to person. No one can catch the lie. Glad you liked these steps, and yes it all depends on the nature of people and each one of them is different in their own ways of course. Totally agree with your point of view. A deep friendship is like a rainbow when the perfect amounts of happiness and tears are mixed, the result is a colorful bridge between two hearts. Yes indeed, true friends in life are hard to find, so we need to value the ones we have. Without complete understanding of one another, how can two people be real friends?

Thanks Harleena for sharing this. Nice co-relation and difference you have made between true friend and lover. But whatever the conditions friendship is best. Glad you liked the post and could relate to it. What would we do without them? I met a few friends for life over 25 years ago when I moved to Galveston, after 3 years I had to move back home to Wisconsin I could not be that far away from my family.

Well to make a long story short we have never been out of touch with each other, we built this bond up between us one that cannot be broken. I was invited here by your friend Donna and I can certainly see why she has stated this fact to us. I love your blog and this post Keep up the great work Harleena! I agree, without friends, I too really wonder where we would be. Nice to hear about your friends, and just like a few others have mentioned, you too have had your friends for that long, which is commendable indeed.

I guess we need to thank Donna for connecting us too, and this is the best part of having friends online because we keep meeting new people and make them our friends. I guess when you stay in one place for long or have someone who shares your passion for travelling, or perhaps your life partner if you have one, it might result in having loving and true friends in life. I would agree you have to be a friend to yourself — just like to love yourself before you love someone. We are a group of 4 and still get together regularly. I guess some friendships move on.

I looking for a true friend

Yes indeed, being friends with yourself is the first step to being friends with others. Nice to know about your friends, and being with each other for that long is wonderful indeed. You too, like Adrienne, have been friends with them for so many years and am sure your friendship would only be growing stronger by the day. My thought is that a true friend is someone, who you feel comfortable with. That one, in whose presence you can act authentically.

If you need to wear a mask or play some role around someone, then my opinion is that that person is not your true friend. People often try very hard to find their true friends, searching high and low. This person has become a part of your life already, so you perceive this fact as something permanent. You are so right there, a true friend is indeed who you are comfortable to share everything with, without really keeping anything within you.

Oftentimes, we look all over for our true friends, but just as you mentioned, fail to find the best friend in our partner or soulmate, who is always been right beside us. I guess you take them for granted or feel that they will always be there, so tend to ignore them. It can help us process our feelings and validate ourselves and this can calm any anger or worry and I think our realtionships would be so much better for it! Yes indeed, this is a major point that would help build the relationship of friendship. First of all thank you for being such a wonderful friend!

I looking for a true friend

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