Ladies wants sex NC Middlesex 27557

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Ladies wants sex NC Middlesex 27557

My treat. You please be the same. No sex. No games. Maybe get a snack. Looking to get high ASAP. You can include a pic if you want to. Ladies want sex Claude. I'm alright looking, with a pretty nice cock. Not picky about looks, and I am lonely. Looking for female friend, 21 yr old female seeking fun Looking For A Discreet Friend m4w Hello there, I prefer the honest and up front approach so here we go. I'm a married man and I know that for many, that should be enough to skip to the next ad. Believe me, 20 years ago I would have never been able to understand. If only we could predict the future right?

It's actually taken the last 8 years or so to push me to the point of seeking another avenue of suffying needs and or desires. I'm not looking to replace my wife by any means, i'm simply looking for a friend that perhaps is in the same kind of situation. Maybe your spouse is a heavy drinker and or is abusive or is simply not there for you.

Ladies wants sex NC Middlesex 27557

Do you accept your fate and say "oh well"? I know that when we get married, it is always with the best of intentions. There are always storms to weather, mountains to climb and rivers to cross. Challenges, it goes without saying. There has to be a lot of give and take on both parts to be sucessfull. To me, infidelity is not the cause of divorce it is a result of a disfunctional marriage. I have tried candle light dinners, bubble baths, buying sexy lingerie, toys, videos, getaways, open communication and even counciling.

I'm dumbfounded and yet, I know I only have one shot at life and refuse to sell myself short. I'm a good man and I know what's out there to choose from. I know for a fact that I have far more good qualities than most would expect.

Ladies wants sex NC Middlesex 27557

I'm not arrogant, chauvanistic, judgemental, conceeded or superficial. I have a great sense of humor, am very kind, considerate, treat everyone with respect and around the house I'm a handy man who can fix pretty much anything and when it comes to housework, I do pretty much everything.

I have always found a way to fill every day with laughter and make a point to always strive for the positives in life. To me happiness is not the goal in life, happiness is the journey, it's how you live it. I'm not attracted to someone who is bitter, unmotivated, complains or likes to sit around and play video games waiting for something to fall into their laps. You will not find me on a barstool getting a fill of courage or self esteem, I already have it. I am a very confident and secure man who loves to play and have fun. I love to hunt, fish and definately love golfing.

I always go out of my way to help others and am very resourcful when it comes to being successful but obviously that ability hasn't been helpfull in finding a way to improve my marriage. Sadly and embarrassingly I guess I've just lost intrest. Now for the fun part When it comes to sex I am very open minded and am not shy when it comes to being adventuristic. I know how to be romantic and enjoy taking the time to please my partner.

In case it matters, I am an attractive man and am in good shape although I do have a sweet tooth for candy. I like that one kind that you have to softly suck and lick for a long time before you get to the good part. Don't know the name of it but I definately know what it looks like.

Anyway, maybe I could be a good friend till you find what you are looking for I don't know but being discreet would be a must which I think you can understand. Hope to hear from you soon and I will reply to all who respond. Thank you much and by the way, I am a real person and live between Clearwater and 10th in Kennewick. NO MEN or couples. Be Completely Single. DON'T reply text language if you want me to reply.

I am just one caring, warm, generous heart that wants to have it loved by another. Are you nurturing? I am in pursuits of finding friends and my LTR, a true sweetheart. I want to spend time getting to know one special lady intimately, and not take months playing the field. I have been back in US in NW for a year now.

There aren't many outlets to meet mature ladies and have limited time. Prior, I was and working in conservative foreign lands. I am very sensual, and people are attracted to my face, and curvy body. I am kind, creative, funny-in silly ways, generous, and warmhearted to a fault.

Ladies wants sex NC Middlesex 27557

She is preferably a sexy exotic tomboyish- fem or the beautiful androgenous type. I am an artist who loves the details of women. I want to have a lot of fun with her on a regular basis. You are a naturally generous,sexy intelligent lady in her 30s to mid 40s preferred.

I want to be sober with you, at home, in bed, feeling close and intimate. I don't play. In the end, I will know the truth. Now, I am in in grad for journalism and have a master's in art as well. I am a believer in the pursuit of truth and beauty. Being a creative, I will appreciate everything about you I consider these details a work of art.

All your beauties, your pleasures, you desires, your dreams, are my treasures. I want an intimate, deeply connected relationship so I can wake up next to you, and look at your face, pleasure you, go to bed at night with your warmth spooning me, and share funny thoughts, support each other in our days, look forward to holding hands with, being intimate in mind, body and.

That's what I dream of having everyday in my life now. You will want to see me smile and make time for that, no matter how busy you are, no matter how many priorities you have.

Ladies wants sex NC Middlesex 27557

You appreciate a true woman, with inner and outer beauty,independent thought. You will gain pleasure to see me goals as much as your own. When I am comfortable and feel safe, I will smile and open up to you from the heart. I have many thoughts, clean, dirty, silly, serious, and all that's between.

I am much of an introvert as an extrovert. Let me feel the moment first. I have an international heart and enjoy others from different ethnic backgrounds and ways. I am open, in my beliefs in and out of the bedroom, but I looking for the one to do it all with. Slim athletic single mom looking for slime petite girl, black hooker in Darawank seeking oriental lover Hi, I am looking for nice polite, and just my type.

Sweet, lovely, caring, sharing oriental lady. Ready to share my humble life,make her more than my wife, all of my life. I m very oral and love to go down on a clean trimmed or shaved. Looking for an on going FWB. I can host. I do have a job and vehicle. Please dont respond if your from the west side. Put strawberry as the subject so i can weed out spam.

Ladies wants sex NC Middlesex 27557

email: [email protected] - phone:(391) 147-5330 x 1832

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