Need discretion please

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Simply put, adjectives add further description to nouns. More specifically, they provide flourish to the English language, an added dose of color. All rights reserved. Home Sentence Discretion Discretion sentence example discretion.

It will be at the discretion of the moderators. In exceptional circumstances then this rule may be waived at the admin's discretion. Free text books may be issued at the discretion of the local authorities, but in most cases are provided by parents. It is at the discretion of the module organizer. The limit was extended to the 1 st of August by the Interstate Commerce Commission, which was given discretion in the matter. Under the French law of expulsion December 3, there are no such precautions, the minister of the interior having an absolute discretion to order any foreigner as a measure of public policy to leave French territory and in fact to have him taken immediately to the frontier.

He ordered the militiamen to be called up from the villages and armed, and wrote a letter to the commander-in- chief informing him that he had resolved to remain at Bald Hills to the last extremity and to defend it, leaving to the commander-in-chief's discretion to take measures or not for the defense of Bald Hills, where one of Russia's oldest generals would be captured or killed, and he announced to his household that he would remain at Bald Hills.

She executed it with discretion and vigour, so that Austria in her hands was known to be one of the most formidable powers in the world. When it comes to decentralization, their slogans are "constrained discretion " and "the new localism. It was made at the discretion of the relevant chair. In he became personally known to Pitt, who, recognizing his ability and discretiononce and again made use of his services as private amanuensis. The law has allowed the Federal census office in its discretion to compile and publish the birth statistics of divisions in which they are accurately kept; one Federal report on the statistics of marriages and divorces throughout the country from to inclusive was published inand a second for the succeeding twenty-year period was published in part in ; an annual volume gives the statistics of deaths for about half the population of the country, including all the states and cities which have approximately complete records of deaths; Federal agencies like the bureau of labour and the bureau of corporations have been created for the purpose of gathering certain social and industrial statistics, and the bureau of the census has been made a permanent statistical office.

Here as elsewhere in his dominions his intentions were excellent, but his reforming zeal outran discretionand his hasty and self-opinionated interferences with treaty rights and traditional privileges ended in provoking opposition and disaster. There was no exercise of discretion in favor of the registered proprietor. His ambition was generally more manifest than his discretion ; but fortune favoured his ambition, even as to himself, somewhat beyond expectation, and still more in his posterity.

I am a man of discretion. Is it no longer a matter of discretion? But the only hitherto apparent evidence of such defects is an excessive clinging to the letter of the law; a marked reluctance to exercise discretion ; and that, perhaps, i5 attributable rather to the habit of obedience.

If submissions do not appease my conscience I must imbts to two oersons of discretion and abide by their decision. On the 19th of January Osman Digna, who had been so great a supporter of Mahdism in the Eastern Sudan, and had always shown great discretion in securing the safety of his own person, was surrounded an.

Need discretion please

Speaking generally, articles of decoration and embellishment not used in the services cannot lawfully be introduced into a church without the consent of the ordinary given by a faculty, the granting of which is subject to the judicial discretion of the chancellor or commissary, sitting as judge of the bishop's court.

When a divorce is obtained because of adultery, permission of the guilty party to marry again is in the discretion of the court. The zeal of the missionaries frequently outran their discretion. That does not confer a general discretion on the court. Every inquiry is treated with courtesy and the utmost discretion.

For an Original Being, Xander has no discretion. The government troops gained two decisive victories over the insurgents under Generals Mitre and Arredondo, and they were compelled to surrender at discretion. Then, too late, patriots like Machiavelli perceived the suicidal self-indulgence of the past, which, by substituting mercenary troops for national militias, left the Italians at the absolute discretion. Luzzatti which succeeded it only remained in power at his discretion. Churchill had shown enormous vigour, industry, imagination and patriotism; but insufficient judgment and discretion.

Finally, in June the flower of the Genoese fleet surrendered at discretion. Meanwhile, however, Jellachich had himself started for Innsbruck, where he succeeded in persuading the emperor of the loyalty of his intentions, and whence, though not as yet formally reinstated, he was allowed to return to Croatia with practically unfettered discretion.

He could have profited by the reaction which followed popular excitement but for his bad reputation and his want of discretion. All of these institutions are under the management of a bi-partisan State Board of Control which consists of three members appointed by the governor for a term of six years, one every two years, and also removable by the governor in his discretion. The domestic executive authority of the president in time of peace is small, because by far the larger part of law and administration belongs to the state and local governments, while the Federal administration is regulated by statutes which leave little discretion to the executive.

Need discretion please

From the time of Darius the Persian monarchs issued a gold coinage, and reserved to themselves the right of doing so; but they allowed their satraps and vassal states to coin silver and copper money at discretion. By the exercise of tact, discretion and inviolable good faith, the correspondents gradually won the confidence of the army, so that towards the end of the war officers of all ranks were keen to have them with their troops and to give them every facility permitted by official regulations.

This necessity was removed by the Colonial Clergy Act ofwhich permits the archbishop at his discretion to dispense with the oath. It successfully withstood the English siege in under Sir Thomas Carleton, but after the country had been overrun was compelled to surrender at discretion. On the 28th of May Edinburgh castle surrendered at discretion. The numerous tests of the strength of timber which have been made by various authorities from time to time vary so much, both as regards the conditions under which they were carried out and the obtained, that T;?

Apart from the titles which are not authoritative the difference of style in the various sections indicates difference of authorship. There is, indeed, a certain unity of thought in the book; throughout it inculcates cardinal social virtues, such as industry, thrift, discretiontruthfulness, honesty, chastity, and in general it assumes wisdom to be the guiding principle of life.

This is an old distinction, which now tends to become obsolete; but broadly speaking a larger measure of discretion is allowed in the nonregulation provinces, and the district officer may be a military officer, while in the regulation provinces he must be a member of the Indian civil service.

Like contracts contrary to public policy, they depend to a great extent for their illegality upon the discretion of the court in the particular case. Both as leader of Union Chapel and in denominational affairs his courage and discretionhis simple faith, combined with a broadminded sympathy with the intellectual movements of the time, made his ministry a widespread influence for good. The universal tribute of Townshend's colleagues allows him the possession of boundless wit and ready eloquence, set off by perfect melody of intonation, but marred by an unexampled lack of judgment and discretion.

Need discretion please

He had a pupil living with him at Rhijnsburg whose character seemed to him lacking in solidity and discretion. And if such Hottentots should escape, the owner shall be entitled to follow them up and to punish them, according to their merits in his discretion.

This exequatur, called in Turkey a barat, may be revoked at any time at the discretion of the government where he resides.

Need discretion please

Discretion must therefore be exercised in interpreting negative in the lower animals. It is probable that he was the author of the law which left it to the discretion of the pontiffs to insert or omit the intercalary month of the year. In no other has public money been expended with such enlightened discretionand in no other has the municipal system kept pace with such rapid growth and displayed greater resource in emergencies. The latter he reproduced in the main faithfully, but with a certain exercise of discretion.

At the regular town meeting held in March the electorate of the town assembles, decides what shall be done for the town during the ensuing year, elects officers to execute its decisions with limited discretionand votes money to meet the expenses. His lack of discretion soon justified this caution. He remained in Europe, spending most of his time at Paris and holding blank commissions which he was authorized to fill in at his discretion in case the presence of a Confederate commissioner should seem desirable at any particular European court.

The voivodes owed their nomination entirely to the Porte, and the great officers of the realm were appointed at their discretion. He was then taken to Paris by his father and left to carry on his studies at his own discretion for two years. In either case it was an offence punishable by fines at discretion. Ordinarily the sinful cleric prayed and fasted at his own discretionand nothing is said of his confessing his sins. In the same century at Rome and at Constantinople we hear of "penitentiaries," that is priests appointed to act for the bishop in hearing the confession of sins, and deciding whether public discipline was necessary and, if it was, on its duration; in other words they prepared the penitents for solemn reconciliation by the bishop.

A scandal at Constantinople in led to the suppression in that city not only of the office of penitentiary, but practically of public exomologesis also, and that seemingly in Eastern Christendom generally, so that the individual was left to assess his own penance, and to present himself for communion at his own discretion. A husband who wilfully abandons his wife, leaving her destitute, or who refuses to support her when he is able to do so, may be punished by imprisonment in the state prison not exceeding one year or in the county jail or workhouse not more than six months nor less than fifteen days, and for ten days, in the discretion of the judge, he may be kept on a bread and water diet.

While strongly discouraging the arbitrary multiplication of public or private fasts, the English Church seems to leave to the discretion of the individual conscience every question as to the manner in which the fasts she formally ens, are to be observed. Baptism were better disused, though Faustus will leave the matter to each Christian man's discretion.

The Doctrinaires were ready to allow the king a large discretion in the choice of his ministers and the direction of national policy. On the same day it claimed an absolute discretion by a decree that the mandates of the electors were not binding on its members. Paris was thus left to the rioters, who seized arms wherever they could find them, broke open the jails, burnt the octroi barriers and soon had every man's life and goods at their discretion.

Often full of public spirit, they lacked experience and in a time of peculiar difficulty had no guide save their own discretion. What were known as revolutionary taxes were imposed at discretion by the representatives on mission and the local authorities. They were presently hemmed in by Hoche, and all who could not make their escape to the ships were forced to surrender at discretion July His influence at court had declined after the death of Queen Mary; William resented his often officious advice, placed little confidence in his discretionand soon after his accession is even said to have described him as ein rechter Tartuffe.

A force of Italians and Spaniards landing at Smerwick in Kerry, Grey hurried thither, and the foreigners, who had no commission, surrendered at discretionand were put to the sword. Macdonnell at once admitted through the newspapers that he had in his possession letters rumoured to be " embarrassing " to the Unionist leaders which he might publish at his own discretion ; and the discussion as to how far his appointment by Mr Wyndham had prejudiced the Unionist cause was reopened in public with much bitterness, in view of the anticipation of further steps in the Home Rule direction by the Liberal ministry.

The unusually outspoken and pointed expression, however, of his disinclination to submit to Muscovite duplicity or to "pin-pricks" or "unmannerliness" from France was criticized on the score of discretion by a wider circle than that of his political adversaries. His contemporaries, while admitting the excellence of his intentions as a statesman, lay stress upon his defects of temper and discretion. Having played the patient sounding board to the Council members for thousands of years, Andre was adept at discretion.

Even if she promised him a soul, I have discretion on when I claim it, Gabe said. He was told to undertake any other duties commensurate with the nature of the post, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. Speedferries will, in addition, have an absolute discretion to jettison, land, destroy or render innocuous any goods such as those described above. I was reluctant to interfere with the honest exercise of directors' discretion.

In the unavoidable absence of any parties in the hearing, the hearing may be postponed at the discretion of the Chair.

Need discretion please

It so far exceeded the reasonable ambit of his discretion on quantum as to be plainly wrong. The article develops a balancing model of discretion and relates it to the theory of legal argumentation. Discretion to use colorado to author feb with capt craig space in the. Staff who receive anonymous complaints will be expected to use their discretion and judgment as to how to handle such complaints.

Why does local discretion continue to be stripped away and replaced by central government diktat? He was clearly asked about the scope for exercising discretion to waive excess absences. We, in our sole discretionmay add, delete or change some or the entire Site at any time. We reserve the right to make such changes at our absolute discretion. We have not been asked to review critically the quantum of the orders or the exercise of the judicial discretion.

The greater the degree of managerial discretionthe greater the need to ensure that managers are trained in how to avoid sex bias. Style points will be awarded at each judge's discretion based on their impressions of the entire routine. The distance for the Over 16 age group shall be at the organizer's discretion. Many schools provide drinking fountains, but such provision is at the discretion of the head teacher and the governing body.

At the discretion of the pre-selection jury, an applicant may be invited to submit additional information or an amended application. The court has discretion on the award of costs to a voluntary liquidator who appears on the petition. Discretion : should the court uphold the objections of ?

Mortgages where the interest rate is set and continually readjusted by the lender at its own discretion. At each stage the chairman has discretion to allow reciprocal questioning by the various parties. Even with such artificial scarcity, broadcasting s can be ased by auction rather than by political discretion.

Swann embodies the discretion and ironic self-effacement which are the anti-thesis of French directness. Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman without discretion. At the discretion of Philip Hodges the tenant may be asked to provide a surety for the rent. It will be entirely at their discretion whether or not they wish to submit a tender in due course. Regulation 25 1 b gives water undertakers the discretion to decide which products would not adversely affect the quality of drinking water. But that is not what is to be expected of the exercise of the administrative discretion vested in the Home Secretary.

In teaching, in dispensing the sacraments, in presiding over public worship, and in the private functions by which he ministers to the comfort, the instruction and the improvement of the people committed to his care, a pastor acts within his parish or congregation according to his own discretion ; and for the discharge of all the duties of the pastoral office he is able only to the presbytery from whom he received the charge of the parish or congregation.

The former provision, strengthened by a poll-tax for school purposes assessed on adult males, affects both white and blacks; the latter, owing to the discretion vested in the election officers, affects in practice mainly the blacks. Webster, supported by William Pinkney and William Wirt, argued in FebruaryI that the power to establish a bank was to be implied from the general power given to Congress to administer the financial affairs of the nation, and was a means of administering the finances which was appropriate and within the discretion of Congress; 2 that "the power to tax is the power to destroy," and that a state had not the constitutional power to impose a tax upon any instrumentality of the government of the United States.

The great powers of the intendant were, however, merged in those of the governorgeneral in ; and the captain-general having been given by royal order in several times later explicitly confirmed, and not revoked until the absolute powers to be assumed at his initiative and discretion of the governor of a besieged city, and by a royal order of the power to banish at will persons supposed to be inimical to the public peace; and being by virtue of his office the president and dominator of all the important administrative boards of the government, held the government of the island, and in any emergency the liberty and property of its inhabitants, in his hand.

In or Aristides was in command of the Athenian squadron off Byzantium, and so far won the confidence of the Ionian allies that, after revolting from the Spartan admiral Pausanias, they offered him the chief command and left him with absolute discretion in fixing the contributions of the newly formed confederacy see DELIAN LEAGUE.

From time to time he forwarded memoranda to him, and in he began to promise the "Minutes for Lives," which Wood was to use at his discretion.

Need discretion please

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